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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Gorgeous Gameshow Constestant Looses Her Top

Watch as this Gorgeous Gameshow Constestant Looses Her Top!


Watch the video. Gorgeous Gameshow Constestant Looses Her Top.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

School Girl tries to catch the falling baby

Xingyang Tashan Road Xinmin, a two-year-old child fell from the third floor down, a girl carrying a bag passing through trying to reach Also failed to receive, children fall down in the downstairs electric car on the trunk.


Watch the video. Caught on Cam the falling of the baby.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thief with a Hammer - Successful or not

There a lot of thief out there waiting for opportunity to strike. I believe this people are conducting their own surveillance to certain target for them to be successful and some just simply rob on the spot and go.


This guy on the video will show you how to rob using hammer.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

This girl style in stealing is epic! Caught on Cam

People have always their own way to steal. The Problem is in today's technology cameras can be seen everywhere. It is like an eye in the sky that will capture anything that can be caught on its sight 24/7. That means if you do certain foolishness then we say sooner or later your face will be trending on social media and other video sharing sites.


Just watch the video below and see for yourself..

Thieve bitten by Dog Caught on Cam

They always said that Dogs are man's best friend. But we have to take it into consideration that dog can be a best friend only for those people who took care of them. And if came out that you are an intruder of their bestfriend's house then your in trouble.


Just watch the video below and see for yourself..

Why you need a dash cam - a must know

Why do you need a dash cam? There are actually many reason why there a need or as much as possible you need to have a dash cam rolling especially when your driving a car. The most common reason is there's a lot of drivers out there who are not following the rules and regulation of traffic. Having dash cam will capture all of those moments.


Just watch the video below and see for yourself..